Havana CSD News Graphic

When students and staff returned to Havana #126 on August 15th they should have notices a few changes. The most obvious improvements are the new Windows at New Central Elementary School.  These new windows are very similar to the ones installed at the high school about 8 years ago.  They are much more energy efficient and coated to block out harmful light.  There has been new concrete work out in front of the Junior High: a new entrance, new sidewalks and new drains for the parking lot. The Havana High School Gym saw many improvements.  The floor was sanded to bare wood, stained, and repainted. There are new scoreboards with stat panels and a new Video Board. There was a new fence installed around the Junior High Playground area and a lot of new playground equipment thanks to a new PreK grant that was received last spring.

There were also some less visible improvements completed.  All three buildings had water softeners installed to prevent mineral build up in the pipes, appliances, sinks and water fountains.  New dishwashers were also installed at the New Central and the Junior High cafeterias.   

Superintendent Plater and the school board have already began planning for two substantial district improvements for next summer: a new HVAC system for New Central Elementary and a new Transportation Facility.