Havana CSD News Graphic

Havana #126 Parents and Guardians,

The recent events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, are troubling and tragic. The situation they are facing weighs heavily on our hearts. The students, staff, and families are all in our thoughts.

It is important that students and parents share information and concerns that they see on social media or hear in conversation so they can be investigated.  To provide the best response, we encourage timely reporting of information that could be considered harmful to our learning environment. If at all possible, please include names, identifying facts, screen shots or other relevant information to help us thoroughly investigate each concern.

We share a common bond with schools and communities across America, and during a time like this, we must take the opportunity to reflect upon our processes to insure the safety of our students, faculty, staff and community.  We routinely assess, evaluate, and modify our safety plans to make sure we are prepared to prevent an emergency or respond to any situation.

Our district conducts regular emergency drills with students to prepare them for a multitude of situations: fire, tornado, evacuation and lock-down. We work closely with first responders from the City of Havana and local agencies to conduct training at our schools and participate in drills. In addition to emergency responders, our students and staff are an important piece in maintaining a safe and secure learning environment. Prompt reporting of concerns is one of the most effective measures in school safety.  

We ask that you take some time to discuss the idea of situational awareness with your student. Encourage students to be aware of their surroundings and to identify what can be a threat to health or safety. Situations can include weather changes and how they affect biking or driving to school, how to respond to a car accident or medical emergency, or when and how to report information posted on social media that implies a threat. If there is ever a concern about information you see posted, please contact the school district so additional steps can be taken. We appreciate your added support at home as we continue to focus on the safety and well-being of all our students.


R. Mathew Plater

Superintendent of Schools Havana CUSD #126