February 8, 2021

Dear Havana #126 Community,

About 100 Havana Schools District employees are scheduled to receive their second Vaccine on Monday Feb. 15th, (Presidents’ Day).  Based on the experiences of others, there is a high probability that several employees will experience side effects that will prevent them from being able to work the following day.  Because we have a limited number of substitute workers available, rather than to have to cancel school at the last minute Tuesday Morning, we decided to prepare for Tuesday February 16th, being a full remote learning day.  There will be no school Tuesday and it will be a remote learning day. This will give our employees 48 hours for any side effects to subside so that classes can resume on Wednesday.

All students will be given assignments for Tuesday before they leave school on Friday.  Teachers will not be doing any remote teaching or holding online meetings given the uncertainty of everyone’s physical condition. Don’t forget that this Friday is an early dismissal for staff school improvement activities.  There is no school on Monday in observance of Presidents’ Day. Tuesday will be a district wide “REMOTE LEARNING DAY” with no in person learning on that day.  In person learning will resume on Wednesday weather permitting.

We are experiencing the coldest temperatures of the year so far.  Please make sure your students are dressed appropriately for the temperatures and not standing outside for more than 10 minutes while waiting for a school bus.  Lastly, I want to thank everyone for following protocols and helping us be able to provide in person learning opportunities to our students.  Everyone has done a terrific job and we have been very successful at providing safe in person learning compared to a lot of other Illinois Districts. Our Havana #126 Team has been outstanding during this challenging time and our students have been terrific too.  Thank you!  


R. Mathew Plater/ Superintendent