Dear Havana #126 parents and guardians,

Please click on this link: and complete the form by Monday, August 3rd!!!  This form will require you to make a decision about whether your students will attend school "in-person" or whether you would prefer the "Remote Learning" option. You can respond for up to 5 students on this form.  You do not need to do separate forms for students in separate schools.  You only need to complete the form once. We need to know this information by Monday so we can plan class lists by registration that will begin on Wednesday.  I know this is a difficult decision for some of you to make.  Please remember none of us asked to be put in this situation.  We will follow all guidelines to the best of our ability and do our very best to educate our students regardless of where they are. 
To view the full Havana #126 "Return to Learning Plan" click on this link: Please keep in mind this is an ever-changing document that will have to be adjusted as the Illinois Department of Health and Illinois State Board of Education continue to provide new guidance.  
Please complete the form by clicking on the link at your earliest convenience and thank you for all your help.
Supt. Plater