Havana CSD News Graphic

I wanted to take this opportunity to share that the district recently completed installation of a new digital phone system.  The new system links all buildings and phones into one system.  Every classroom now has a phone and every employee with a phone has an extension and voicemail.  One huge benefit to this system is the additional safety it provides.  With a phone in every room there is now access to calling 911 in the case of an emergency.  Before only an intercom was available to contact the office and relay any concern.  This change could save valuable time in a real emergency.  Please note that all Classroom Phones are placed in a "do not disturb" mode during school day hours.  You can still leave messages for the teacher, but all calls will go straight to voicemail as not to interupt instruction.  

You only need to remember one phone number for the school district going forward (309-543-3384). The former main number for each of the schools has been merged into the new system and that is why those numbers will get you to the menu as well.  Another huge benefit is the ability for people to get in contact with the people they wish to talk to without having to hang up and call a different number.  Any call or message can be transferred to any other phone in the district. Any call from the district should show up on caller ID as the -3384 number, regardless of the location or phone. 

Lastly, our new system will be less expensive to operate and maintain going forward which saves the district money in the long run.  

Supt. Plater