Havana CSD News Graphic

Effective for the 2019-2020 school year due to safety concerns, these are the new procedures regarding the arrival and dismissal of Havana Junior High Students. Safety is our first priority, so please be patient regarding the arrival and dismissal of students.

  • 1)All students will be dropped off and picked up under the porch area of the school.
  • 2)Students will not be allowed to cross through traffic to leave. Please do not flag your child over to your vehicle through traffic. There is a cross walk that allows for people to cross from the school to the parking lot. This is not for students to use before or after school. This is for people to get to the parking lot for school events.
  • 3)Students will not be allowed to use the access road between the High school and the Junior High because there is no sidewalk.
  • 4)Students are able to cross to US Hwy Route 136 There will be a crossing guard on duty to make sure all students cross safely.
  • 5)Blue Sky students need to exit south of the building to avoid traffic and proceed south to their homes.

Sincerely, Mr. Snider