District to Unveil New Website and App

I am happy to share that the district will be going live with a new website and App in just a few weeks.  As society and the social media world continues to evolve so must we.  Our district is on the cutting edge of providing a modern education and we are seeing some outstanding results.  We have an awesome faculty and staff that have risen to the challenge to transform instruction and our students are responding.  These new products will help us tell our story and share what our students are accomplishing on a daily basis.     It has become the norm to use social media to be negative, complain, and to say things that you wouldn't say in person. We hope to use it to be positive and share the good with our parents, community and the world.  

We know that for you to visit and use an app daily it has to be useful to you. It is our intent to put everything you need to know at your fingertips. You will be able to find any staff member's contact information, the lunch menu and directions to tonight's ballgame all in one spot. We will use the live feed to share information and exciting news on a daily basis and add news stories like this one on a regular basis. We have students and teachers doing exciting things in our district every period of every day and these new products will help us share these accomplishments. We are very excited to roll these new products out and we will announce the release to all through our phone messaging system very soon.