Havana Community School District Spectator/Fan Code of Conduct

Establishing an appropriate positive playing environment is a top priority for our athletic department. While winning is an important goal for all of our competitive programs, how we play and conduct ourselves at our various school events is equally, if not more important. In an effort to encourage good sportsmanship we ask you to review the following and also discuss the importance of proper behavior at sporting events with your children. Please continue to model appropriate behavior so that you can enjoy attending our sporting events.

At a contest we ask that you:

 Enthusiastically encourage your team.

 Refrain from negative or irritating remarks, booing and taunting. Be Positive!

 Accept all decisions made by officials.

 Remain in the stands while play is in progress.

 Do not throw objects on the playing surface.

 Follow state regulations that prohibit noisemakers, signs and banners.

 Applaud outstanding play by all.

 Do not confront officials, coaches, assistants, volunteers or players verbally or otherwise

 If there are any issues or concerns seek the event supervisor

 Most important - Be a positive role model

Guidelines for acceptable behavior are by no means limited to those listed.

Spectators have an important role in the success of an athletic program. If the program is going to be successful, spectators must encourage good sportsmanship, courteous treatment of visitors and absolute respect under all conditions. Remember that it is a privilege to attend and participate in high school athletic contests. Negative behavior from players/fans/ parents/guardians will not be tolerated and may lead to ejection from the event and loss of privilege to attend and participate in future athletic contests.

A spectator at a sponsored or approved activity may be removed from the event by the supervisor/school representative of the event, law enforcement may be contacted and the superintendent may recommend the exclusion of the spectator at future sponsored or approved activities for the following conduct:

 Becomes physically or verbally abusive, uses vulgar, obscene demeaning expressions, or in any way impedes the performance of an activity

 Brings alcohol, drugs, or uses tobacco products on school grounds and or at school sponsored events

 Being under the influence of a substance

 Bringing a pet on school grounds and or at school sponsored events that is not a service animal. The person bringing a service dog or assistive animal is liable for damage done to any person, premises or facility by the animal. A “service dog or assistive animal” means the dog or animal has been specifically trained at a recognized training facility to assist a person with a disability.

 Students, parents/guardians, and other spectators associated with using social media in a way that is hurtful, inappropriate, derogatory, harassing, making threats, containing inappropriate pictures, teasing, and racist or sexist comments, comments attacking coaches, assistants or volunteers will not be tolerated. These types of negative behaviors are subject to warning, suspension, or dismissal from that activity. Parents engaging in this type of behavior will be asked to cease; if the behavior continues, their attendance and participation as a spectator will be revoked.

Law enforcement authorities may be contacted if there is a violation of this policy if it is deemed


This is not an exclusive list of unacceptable behaviors or actions at a school sponsored event.

Other prohibited behavior or conduct, which is of such nature as to constitute a violation of the

spirit or intent of good sportsmanship, though not explicitly stated may result in removal from the

event by the supervisor/school representative of the event, law enforcement may be contacted

and the superintendent may recommend the exclusion of the spectator at future sponsored or

approved activities.

The duration of the recommended exclusion will be determined on a case by case basis and will

depend on the severity of the act and the amount of cooperation from the individual that conducted

the act.

Upon the recommendation of the superintendent, the Board of Education shall cause a notice of

exclusion from sponsored or approved activities to be sent to the spectator involved. The notice

shall advise the spectator of the school district’s right to exclude the individual from school district

activities and events and the duration of the exclusion. The spectator has the right to address the

board of education about their case at the board of education meeting in which action will be


If a final decision has been made and the spectator has been notified and they disobey the school

official and/or district’s order to not attend a school event, then law enforcement authorities may

be contacted and asked to remove the spectator. The spectator will also be banned from all

school events for the remainder of the school year.